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Top Posts & Reader Favs

The very tip top! Here is collection of the most viewed [and a few of my most favorite] posts on Then Heather Said.  Enjoy!

The Very Beginning: Welcome to THS

No longer hiding: Overweight Admission

Everyone has them: Secrets

A New Kind of Resolution: Declaration of Fabulous Independence

The Hardest Post 2nd Most Difficult Post I’ve Ever Chosen to Write: The Race to Relationship

Honesty with You Starts with Honesty with Myself: My Confessions

That Time I Boarded the Wrong Plane: Idiot of the Year

How Many Miles Do I Have to Run: Before I’m Called a Runner

The Best Policy: A Conversation on Honesty

You’ll Learn I Love a List: My Fitness Bucket List

The Belief Series, a reader favorite:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Little Love Notes:

4:23 AM
Ramblings in Email Form
To The Children I May Never Have

About Me:

I Like to Pack in Laundry Baskets
Sometimes I Eat Meat
I have a Weakness for Men in Sweaters
THS Blog Identity
I Live in the Cutest Village
THS Quiz Answers

Heather’s How To Advice:

Find a Great Deal
Shop Your Book Store Gift Suggestions
Find the Perfect Gift for a Healthy Living/Foodie Blogger
Become a Better Runner
Follow Your Heart
Pack Your Checked Bag
Pack Your Carry On
Fight Airport Boredom
Deal When Travel Plans Change Mid-Journey

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