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I’m Not Married

One time, I was engaged to be married.  Then, I was not. I’ve shared about the path to the broken heart, the event, the aftermath, and the continual healing process.


The Facts: How the broken engagement happened. 

Forgiveness: When I decided I could be friends with my ex.

Grinch or Not: Feeling alone impacting my Christmas cheer.

Finding His Stuff at My Place: What happens when you come across his belongings, his gifts to you, and the memories you’ve made together.

Balancing the Positive and Negative Thoughts: There are some things I miss, and some things I celebrate.

Strength: My response to being told my strength was impressive.

Looking Back: The entry from my personal journal the day after the break up.

Break Up #2: THE elegant TRUTH: Why I told him we could no longer be friends.

NWD: How I celebrated my very first Non-Wedding Day

2nd NWD: The one year anniversary of the Non-Wedding Day

Healthy Selfishness: Talk of my engagement ring & decisions I’ve made.


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