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Although I write about running, and weight loss, and gym time my blog is very different than the majority of “healthy living blogs” out there.  I tend to be a bit more wordy and talk about some taboo type subjects regarding my past relationship, my past professions, my past failures, and my current state of “being a mess”.  But I try to do so fairly.  & truthfully. & reasonably. & rationally.  I do this because I believe that when I share these segments of myself, even (and especially) when it makes me feel completely vulnerable, I am making a healthy decision for my life; I am taking a step in healthy living.

I think it all stems from my definition of healthy-living.  To me, healthy living is not only about nutrition and fitness. It’s more than what you are eating and what kind of exercise you are doing each week.  Healthy living is more about healing, and having a healthy soul.  Facing fears and becoming a stronger person.  Listening to your heart and knowing how to take advice and ask for help when needed. Helping others and telling the truth, even and especially when its hard. Being genuine in your actions and open to others’ opinions.  Its about finding out what makes me, me and aiding people in realizing how special they are.  Its about following my giftings and knowing the difference between selfishness and anger. Its about learning and gaining self worth. Struggling to do these for mentioned things and questioning, and doubting, and yet still having hope and faith enough to move forward.  Its all these things and more.  These are the things make Then Heather Said a healthy living blog.

These are the reasons we started the guest post series, the More Than Series; because healthy living is more than nutrition and fitness.  So much more.

Healthy Living is about….

starting from the inside out by Julie from C&C

finding what’s missing by Kat from LFK

finding your best (Yoga is more than stretching) by Katie from Sweet Tater

being honest with those who love us by Heather from HD

knowing when enough is enough by Caitlin of 25th Year

education and knowledge by Abby of Abby Normally

looking deeper & having a happy heart by Kelsey of Kelsey Toney

recognizing your emotions by Sara of Active Gal

finding an outlet by Kristin of GWTPS

volunteering for causes you believe in by Kelly of Pugtails

raising a healthy family by Maria of RFM

being proud of self definition by Marcus of Propaganda

discovering hobbies you love by Fallon of LFLF

finding happiness by Rachel M

embracing our quirks by Liane of RFW

being open to change and self & learning about ourselves by Alicia of PIP

prioritizing time for your beliefs by Rachel D

responsibility in relationships by Kayla of MMAT

stepping in the direction of your dreams by Michelle of LS&C

put yourself first by Megan of TEL

don’t take on too much, take time off by Gym Belle

self care is the most important care by Christie of Honoring Health

supporting others and yourself by Anna of OatsNBoats

finding your normal by Maria of CTN

defining values by Cynthia of It All Changes

having a hunger for life by Dorry of LWHH

standing up for equality for all people by Val of VBV

personal reflection and self-love by Tina of FFF

Then Heather Said is always on the look out  for fresh ideas on what Healthy Living means to other bloggers and readers who want to share their stories!  If you are interested in writing a More Than post for THS, please email Heather at

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  1. May 12, 2010 5:28 pm

    Heather, I love this idea!!! I need to go back and read the ones that I missed before I started reading your blog!

    • May 12, 2010 5:29 pm

      Thanks so much, Katie! Let me know if you feel inspired to write a More Than post yourself!


  2. Mary permalink
    July 6, 2010 9:33 pm

    I love this idea! 🙂


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