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December 2, 2010

A Memo from this pretty lady:

Concerned that you can’t find the old Then Heather Said, page?

Well – HAVE NO FEAR!  It’s just taking a bit of a nap, and will be back awake and ready to play sometime tonight!

Until then….
Let’s do a fun reader survey, eh?

Leave a comment answering the following questions:

1. Who is your favorite U.S. President in history?
2. What is one healthy decision you’ve made today?
3. Where did your first kiss take place?
4. When was the last time you performed a RANDOM act of KINDNESS? (and can you act on another one today? Commit to it!)
5. Why do you read Then Heather Said?

Also – take a moment to update your google reader with the new feed so that you don’t miss out on updates from here on out!  Do update, just add the following address to your google reader subscriptions:

Thanks so much for your patience and understanding, my friends!


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