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Beaded Ribbon Ornament

November 26, 2010

For today’s Handmade Christmas 2010 holiday ornament, I took inspiration from a necklace tutorial I adore on one of my favorite creative blogs, A Beautiful Mess.


These beaded ribbon ornaments are easily customizable to fit create a special gift, using specific colors or beads that are a favorite of your loved one.  I decided to use red, white, and green candy striped ribbon for a classic holiday theme.  The addition of heart shaped beads, rather than all pearls, adds a little bit of extra love in your gift giving 😉


Materials Needed  
Ribbon, 12 inches
Beads, 8 total
Needle small enough to fit through beads, threaded with your choice of thread



Step 1: fold one end of ribbon over to create a small square.

  • note: if your using one sided decorative ribbon, you want the decorative side showing with the fold.


Step 2:  Thread through the newly created folded over square, starting on the underside in order to hide the knot. 104_6879

  • Note: The fold hides the knot.


Step 3: Thread your first bead, resting the bottom of the bead on the fold.


Step 4: At the top of your bead, create a new fold in the ribbon, and sew through both layers of the fold, creating a small ruffle.


Step 5: Add your next bead.

  • Note: In this case, because I am using two styles of beads and creating an every other pattern, I am using the pearl. 


Step 6: Repeat step four, creating another ruffle.


Step 7: Continue adding beads and creating ruffles until you’ve added all 8 beads.

Step 8: With remaining ribbon, create a loop to use when hanging ornament on the tree.  Use a simple stitch with the thread and needle to secure.


  • Have you signed up for the Ornament Swap!?!? It’s not too late.  Check out the THS Ornament Swap post to learn how it works, then send an email including your name, mailing address, and the amount of ornaments you’d like to swap to before December 1st. Also – please advise if you would be willing to ship to US, Canada and/or internationally!
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  1. November 26, 2010 10:28 am

    I’m really enjoying your handmade christmas series 🙂 Thanks 🙂


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