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Creative Spotlight: Sudlow

September 9, 2010
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Creative Spotlights are part of the THS dedication to Handmade Christmas 2010. I’m bringing you the goods, showing off the talents of some of my favorite creators!  Just a reminder, there are several different ways to participate, and several different reasons why you should consider joining us for Handmade Christmas 2010.

For extra bits of creativity, check out the previous Creative Spotlights from Senioritis, Uniformity, Box64 Studios, & Palmer Photography.

Today’s creative spotlight is from one of my favorite jewelry designers found on etsy, Sudlow! I love that Sudlow features unique pieces that offer a sense of whimsy to the things we see every day; often bringing ordinary, mundane items to life again.

one cent necklace 1one cent necklace 2 palettepeanut shell necklace 

The Sudlow jewelry line is the work of Rachael Sudlow, a graduate from the Rhode Island School of Design in photography and jewelry making.  Her craftsmanship is topnotch, which I credit to her decision to fuel her own raw talent with time studying in the fields she is most passionate about.

 one pea2 peas3 peas
peaswhite peas

A lot of the pieces in the Sudlow etsy shop feature personalization.  These gorgeous pieces (and many more on the site) can be customized to highlight a special relationship, memory, nickname, inside joke or characteristic of your loved one.

guitar pic message 2message 1

Bonus for your green conscious – all the silver used to make the gorgeous pieces in the Sudlow shop is recycled!

 fleur ringoyster

I also enjoy that Sudlow offers a variety of chain, clasp, and bead options for their necklaces.

chain and bead options VEGAN

There are so many fun items available in the Sudlow shop that I had a really hard time choosing which piece was my most favorite.  Of course, I’m sure it doesn’t surprise many that  I would really love to sport a Wisconsin custom state necklace with a heart over the capital city, Madison, where my own heart lives.  [i am also quite certain 99% of Texans would die for that Texas charm.]

california necklacestates

SPECIAL TREAT: Sudlow has offered THS readers FREE SHIPPING on all purchases made from the Sudlow Etsy Shop for the next week (between 9/09/10- 9/16/10).  In order to receive FREE SHIPPING on any Sudlow order,include the coupon code“THSfreeshipping” in the notes to seller section during check out.

11 Comments leave one →
  1. September 9, 2010 7:25 pm

    Oh my gosh! LOVE this stuff! I’m a pretty simple person when it comes to jewelry and some of these awesome pieces are right up my alley and would make awesome gifts for several people in my life!

  2. September 9, 2010 7:56 pm

    Her stuff is amazing! And so reasonably priced. Thank you for sharing this with us sweet friend. I bookmarked her.

  3. September 9, 2010 8:10 pm

    There is some really beautiful stuff in her shop! I love her rings, and the personalized necklaces too.

  4. September 9, 2010 8:35 pm

    Heather, you are a lifesaver. I have been thinking of what to buy my husband for Christmas–he always just asks for video games of movies, which I think is a little lackluster… and I think I found the perfect gift for him! 🙂

    Thanks for the link!

  5. September 9, 2010 9:07 pm

    These are gorgeous Heather. You always find such fun things 🙂

  6. September 10, 2010 8:30 am

    Oh my, that stuff is so cute! Love the little peanut.

  7. September 10, 2010 9:19 am

    Thanks for the wonderful comments! What a nice writeup.

  8. September 10, 2010 9:25 am

    How beautiful!! What a creative artist:) Love it

  9. September 10, 2010 9:40 am

    That penny is my favorite! Also partial to the peanut.

    Thank you for sharing, so important to call out these AMAZING designers!

  10. September 10, 2010 10:53 am

    I love this – thanks for the link!

  11. September 10, 2010 6:01 pm

    WOW I am in love with everything!

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