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More Than: Tina of FFF

September 7, 2010

A note from Heather:  Today is a two-for Tuesday!  Two More Than Series Guest Posts – isn’t that exciting?  I asked Tina to write a More Than post about the AWESOME 30 Days of Self-Love she is hosting on her blog.  She started on September 1st, but it’s not too late to jump in and shower yourself with self-love reflections every day for the remainder of September. 

For the longest time, I defined healthy living as how often and hard I worked out or how “clean” I ate. During that time, I also lacked confidence, never felt I did “enough”, and struggled with binging and depression. I don’t intend to go into my whole story here. If you’re interested, you can read my Healthy Tipping Point story which Caitlin posted recently. Today, I want to focus on what I turned around and how it helped me gain a healthier life. And how I hope to share that change with others.


I knew I couldn’t just stop the binges and make changes for the better with the flip of a switch. I knew it would take work and determination. I chose to battle with my mind and issues every morning. I wanted to start each day off on a positive note that would hopefully carry me through the day. After all, change happens one day at a time.

For me, that time was prayer – deepening my relationship with God and the understanding of my worth. Many revelations came through that time and I learned so much. Those moments of personal reflection brought me to the healthiest I have ever been. I learned what defines true beauty, how to trust my body, the things in life of real worth, how to lose the all or nothing mindset, and more. In essence, I became a healthier, brighter individual because I learned that health is more than food and exercise. It’s living life to the full by enjoying relationships, your body, passions, fun experiences, etc.


I feel so strongly about this change and want everyone I can reach to have the opportunity to live life with the same joy and love of self. I firmly believe positive reflections can work wonders and be a stepping stone to greater things. For that reason, I started the 30 Days of Self-Love on my blog. It runs through September and anyone is welcome to participate. Please note – it is NOT a Christian or prayer based reflection…simply a positive message to take in and use for that day and hopefully beyond.

I have big hopes for the 30 Days and would like to see it continue beyond September. After all, self-love shouldn’t stop just because the calendar reads October 1. Join me and the hundreds of other women committed to changing things for the positive. As Gandhi says, let’s be the change we hope to see in the world.



You can learn more about Tina and her journey by reading her awesome blog, Faith, Fitness, Fun. Her Triple-F Philosphy is especially amazing! A few of Heather’s favorite posts by Tina can be found on the following pages: Can’t, Expectations and Realities, and Tina’s series on intuitive eating, which starts with this Introduction on Intuitive Eating.

You can also follow Tina’s thoughts in 140-characters or less on her twitter feed.

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  1. September 7, 2010 11:41 am

    Love this idea. I think Tina’s story is so inspiring.


  1. FAITH, FITNESS, FUN » Blog Archive » 30 days of self love – perspective

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