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Winning Choices

September 6, 2010

Congratulations to the winner of the Palmer Photography 2011 wall calendar, Katy of The Balanced Foodie who shared a great idea in regards to her favorite of Michelle’s photos.

Katy commented, ” I LOVE “A Path, in the Rain” it looks so freeing. Like all I want to do is jump through that picture and dance in the rain.”

Reading Katy’s desire to dance freely in the rain reminded me that in my busy schedule the last few weeks, I haven’t sought out many opportunities to be optimistically spontaneous. While I’ll be the first to admit that a schedule and list are what aid my successes, nothing compares to the experience of stepping OFF course to create your own feeling of liberty.

I am choosing to seek opportunity to feel the emotions Katy did when she described Michelle’s photo. Choosing to be aware of the extra special things that are taking place around me, often disguised as ordinary details. I choose to soak in bits of the unplanned, and relish in the wonders I face each day.

What do you choose?

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