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Love Yourself

August 12, 2010

Sometimes, pointing out the things we like about ourselves is known as being conceited, cocky, big-headed, or stuck up.  Because of these popularized views, for most of us (especially women, in would seem) it’s difficult to say, ‘I’m awesome!”  Instead, we are conditioned to talk our way out of compliments, back away from feeling good about our best characteristics and insist that we are not nearly as wonderful as people suggest we may be.


I’ve been doing some thinking about this recently after a reader sent me this question:

So, you are simply fabulous, but what one (or two, or three) things/traits do you love about yourself right now?

This question caused me to realize something; we NEED to be loving ourselves. It’s HEALTHY to love ourselves.

We need to love ourselves for the sake of our friends and family, and strangers, who love us too.  We need to thank them for loving us, and embrace what they love about us, and continue being the people they love.  We need to be kind to the people who point out we are kind.  We need to give our wisdom to the people who say we are wise.  We need to share our smiles with the people who compliment our smiles.  We needn’t cower, or shrug off compliments, or disagree.


We need to love ourselves for the sake of our generation and the generations to come.  We need to stand tall in our strongest characteristics to be an example to those around us.  We need to take a hold of the positive name calling and wear each compliment like a badge of honor.  We need to show those around us that it is a beautiful thing to delight in ones attributes.


We need to love ourselves for the sake of our own hearts, and minds, and souls. We need to tell the image in the mirror its worth.  We need to take pride in our work and our abilities.  We need to be grateful that we are who we are, and stop trying to talk our way out of ourselves. 


Each time that we say “I am not that good a writer/singer/dancer/public speaker/employee/student/mentor.”  Each time we think “I don’t have what it takes.”  Each time we question the compliment and positive words coming from the mouths of another, we are saying “I am not enough. I wish I were someone else.”  And this is NOT OKAY. 


Today, I remind you, you are fabulous.  You are SIMPLY FABULOUS in what you do and who you are.  And I ask you, what traits/things about yourself do you love most?  Don’t be shy.  Don’t run and hide.  Don’t talk your way out of the praise.  Shower yourself.  RIGHT HERE. RIGHT NOW.


What I love about me:

– I love that I have the gift of encouragement.  I like that I can listen and give good advice and cheer people on and remind them of their inner strength.  I love to encourage others, because I think that WE ALL forget just how wonderful we are, and if I can be that voice in someone’s life than that is all I need to feel fulfilled.

– I love that I have never stopped wanting to learn. About myself. About stupid random trivia. About other people. About issues that matter, and pop culture, and the way television shows are made. About how to do things better. About the POTUS. About who I was and who I am becoming. I don’t ever want to stop learning.

– I love that I’ve made it this far and that I use that as fuel. I will survive. I’ve lived on my own before. I will survive. I’ve cancelled a wedding. I will survive. I’ve struggled and learned to ask for help. I will survive. I don’t have the "I want to give up" argument with myself  nearly as much anymore, because I know if I keep moving forward, I will survive.

What are you waiting for?  What do you love about you!? Shout it from the roof tops, whisper to all around you, tell your heart, your mind, your soul.  And tell me:

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  1. August 12, 2010 3:57 pm

    You ARE fabulous! ❤

    I love that I am friends (real life friends-not just blog friends) with YOU! You are such a motivating person, and awesome all around. You DO give really good advice! I'm so glad we met!

  2. August 12, 2010 4:17 pm

    I love that I take challenges all though the scare the ever living crap out of me.

    I love that I’m me…bumps and all.

    And I love that I’m growing daily through great friends who lift me up and know how to tell me like it is…straight and to the point. You’re good at this!

  3. August 12, 2010 8:21 pm

    You are fab heather! What a great post!

    Things I love about myself:
    1. My hair
    2. My eyes
    3. My runner’s legs! muhaha
    4. The fact that I can RUN, period
    5. My ability to love!
    6. The fact that I’ve learned now that once I want something bad enough, actually go for it!
    7. I love that I’ve grown so much over the past two years into a better, stronger, and HEALTHIER person

    • August 12, 2010 8:37 pm

      I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you pointed out the physical things you love about yourself! (esp those runners legs 😉 ) This is something I need to work on. Thanks for reminding me and motivating me!

  4. August 12, 2010 8:29 pm

    I love the positive vibes! What a great post!

    I love pushing myself, be it mentally or physically. I love that I do not allow other peoples opinion of me hole me back anymore. I love that I am able to embrace what makes me happy 🙂

    Finally, I love that I have never really given up on myself. Although I am not where I want to be weight wise, I refuse to stop trying because I know that I will get there one day.

    You are fabulous!

    • August 12, 2010 8:35 pm

      I love that you are such a motivation, Jennifer! I love that you said that about not giving up on yourself – THAT motivates me!!


  5. Liz permalink
    August 12, 2010 9:46 pm

    Since I married my husband and he told me his secret mission to become POTUS one day, I have since learned a lot about the previous leaders of our great country. I find it reassuring to know that other people my age share this enthusiasm for past presidents. One day, if my husband actually does get elected*, I promise to invite you to the White House,

    *Delusions of grandeur may be present in this post.

  6. Megan Orcholski permalink
    August 13, 2010 1:53 am

    I completely missed the day we were conditioned not to love ourselves.

    I love myself so much, many find it inappropriate 😉

    The list is much too long, so I will pick my favorites:

    I love my body. It’s gorgeous. (As a whole but specifically my back, collarbones & dimple)
    I love my energy
    I love my ability to love
    I love myself as a teacher and coach
    I love my self awareness
    I love my ability to seek pleasure in everything
    I love my no-apologies life style (think no regrets with extra frosting)
    I love that I am constantly growing into myself
    I love Sundrop. Oh! I mean, I love that I love Sundrop 🙂
    I love my flair for the dramatic
    I love my imagination and creativity
    I love that I know how important people are and how beautiful this journey is

    Thanks for creating a space to express my awesomeness! Usually it’s just the inanimate objects in my house who hear it!!!!

  7. September 3, 2010 3:55 pm

    I love my heart. I love my desire to help others. I love that you can hear happiness in my voice when I’m smiling.

    I love that I can bring happiness to others with treats I’ve baked, or a blanket I’ve crocheted. I really do love that ability to care for others.

    I love how my body feels when it’s in the water – the stretch of the muscles, the fluid motion, the fact that I don’t concentrate on the exterior when I’m swimming.

    I love that I’m challenging myself to love myself more, to care for myself more, and to continue on this journey even though it’s not easy most days.

    *That may be more “I” sentences than I’ve ever typed in once sitting – and wow, I’m still living. I guess that should be a lesson to me that “I” is just as good a word as “others.”

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