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Healthy Living Blogs Launch: 7 reasons to check it out yourself

August 12, 2010
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Did you hear the news?!  Did ya hear it from Savvy Julie?! Did ya hear it from the master-mind herself, Lindsey?!

I’m super excited to announce the official launch of the Healthy Living Blogs database, just in time for the Healthy Living Summit!

hlb header

Why should you head over to check it out?

1. To learn more about Series Posts, and how you can submit your own thoughts on the current topic -  “What does health mean to you?”

2. To become a member – add yourself to the database of bloggers who share about health in one form or another.

3. To find an inspiring, informative new blog to read – the list of bloggers is growing by the minute, it seems! [you don’t have to be a blogger or even someone who thinks they are living a “healthy lifestyle” to find SOMETHING wonderful to read, there. I PROMISE.]

4. To join the conversation! The forum section is busting with space to discuss tips and tricks, ask questions, seek advice, and share your soul with other like minded people!

5. To plan your next meet up!  HLB is also organizing blogs by location to simplify planning meet ups with other bloggers and readers!

6. To seek out a new way to advertise and market yourself.

7. Explore it for yourself – head over to the Healthy Living Blogs about page to find out the details behind the motivation for this site!  Once you realize you too agree with the brilliance that is HLB, sign up to become a member and grab a sidebar icon for your site!


While you’re at it – why not follow HLB on twitter to be alerted of the latest blog news and updates from the site – You can find the tweet feed for Healthy Living Blogs at @bloghealthy.

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