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11 Reasons to Participate in Handmade Christmas 2010

August 8, 2010

Bloggers and artists around the web give their reasons for handmade gift giving.

handmade christmas 20101

1. Handmade gifts are good for the budget.
“It’s a huge money-saver for me, but not in a cheap way. A lot of times I think handmade gifts are more valuable than store-bought ones, even if they didn’t cost as much to make.”-Rosey Rebecca  

2. Handmade gifts honor uniqueness.
“Even if I technically give the same thing to everyone (i.e. necklaces) I can make them different to fit each person’s individuality. I think there is just something special about a gift that has your love woven right into it.” – Jackie, Peaces of Earth

3. Handmade gifts highlight relationships. 
“Each relationship I have with a person is different. When I make a gift myself, I put all my love and support into the gift to make it unique to our relationship. Each quilt I make, the pattern and fabric are chosen especially for the recipient.” –Cynthia, It All Changes

4. Handmade gifts support artists and crafters.
"It makes me so happy to buy from etsy because I know that the money is well spent on an item that is crafted with care and I know how much the seller will appreciate the purchase.  I have been in that [seller] position and love it when someone likes what I do so much that they want it!” Kate, artist, Uniformity

5. Handmade gifts support passion.

“One thing I love is the artistry of a handmade gift. To know that the person who created the piece, created it from idea to design to reality, is just a lovely feeling. It’s special.” – Michelle, Long Sleeves and Chucks; photographer, Palmer Photography

6. Handmade gift giving is a way to buy local and “local.” 
“It’s a new way of keeping it local. I call etsy the 2010 mom and pop.” –Caitlin, Twenty Fifth Year 

7. Handmade gifts are fun to make.
“I really like doing it. I can only knit so much for myself, so why not give some of it away to my loved ones?”-Kelly, Brownies and Zucchini

8. Handmade gifts can’t be returned/exchanged.
“Most gifts I get from stores include a receipt and the understanding that I can return, exchange or replace it if I want to. You can’t do that with something handmade and probably wouldn’t want to.” –Katie, Sweet Tater Blog

9. Handmade gifts are caretakers of memory.

“I still have some things that my great grandma made for me when I was younger, and I’m happy to have those now that she isn’t here. I remember that she made me the angel for the top of my Christmas tree each year when I decorate for the holidays.” – Danielle, News from Alameda Street

10. Handmade gifts make people feel extra special.
“Knowing that someone went through the trouble to create something just for me is exciting and makes me feel special.”-Maria, Chasing the Now 

11. Handmade gifts are cool.
“There’s just something cool about receiving something that you don’t see all over the place.”–Garrick, designer, Senioritis


Want to know about Heather’s decision to partake in a Handmade Christmas this year?  Check out Handmade Christmas 2010 to learn more about her personal guidelines, experiences, and how you can get involved.


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