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SSR 2: Willie Street

June 1, 2010

When I woke up Friday morning, things were a little off.
As you could have probably guessed, I was halfway between a sugar coma and a hangover, after a very indulgent –and late!- night with Veronica and Alex. Also, for some reason, my blackberry didn’t want to commit to the central time zone, and when I woke up, I thought I had over slept- causing me to get in the shower thinking I had missed my run and didn’t have to go jogging and still get ready for my day, pack for my next sleep over, and say a proper goodbye to my hosts. 

When I texted my friend Megan to tell her I had overslept, she had informed that she was still in bed waiting for her alarm to go off.  Oops.  I’m not on the east coast anymore, Toto.

No harm done, however, as Megan and I decided to get ready for the day right then, and she came to Vee’s apartment to pick me up. 

My first words after hugging and excitement with Meg, were “Coffee. Please, dear Lord, Coffee.” Not wanting to be a hassle, I assured my driver that "even gas station coffee would be beyond fine at this point.” Megan proved the fact that she gets me and my love for Madison by insisting, “you are on vacation, in Madison, you are not getting gas station coffee.” Amen and Amen. 

We were headed to Megan’s sister, Tiff’s house, in the Willie Street neighborhood (which you may have heard about from Holly)  and Meg knew just where to bring me for a latte to go – Ground Zero!  I ordered a large soy latte, no sweetener and we were on our way to Tiff’s, where we sat on the porch for a long while and sipped our morning beverages, sharing stories the three of us. 

It’s amazing that something as simple as sitting on a porch at the end of May with friends who have known you for several years can feel so special.  Such an ordinary occurrence, and yet I found myself tearing up as I watch runners, bicyclist, mom’s pushing strollers, and the Madison Metro all passing on the streets below us. 


Tiffany lives with another friend from high school, Jillian, in an adorable dual level house.  For a majority of the morning I walked around the house mentioning how "perfectly Madisonian” it was, filled with little details that just reminded me of the city I was currently in.  The plants in the windowsill, and the herbs near the kitchen reflected the green/environmentally friendly vibe the city naturally gives.  The walls filled with photos of friends and family I could pick out by name, warmed my heart as I took my time scanning each one.  The gorgeous built in shelves used as pantry, the clothing line the girls had rigged on the deck, and the wood details through out the inside of the house all reminded me of where I was currently standing, breathing, being.  I felt home.



Megan and I had plans to watch her thesis performance, which I had helped her edit through out the spring. We decided to order food to go and watch the thesis as we lunched. We walk down to Lazy Jane’s a super fun cafe on Willie Street. While we waited to hear our names being shouted from the window, I played food blogger and took a lot of photos around the cafe. 


I ordered the Mediterranean plate which was a gigantic platter of hummus, tabouli, and Greek salad with feta, olives and pita bread.  It was delicious!





Lazy Jane’s is filled with lots of cute decor, and some items on display are available for purchase as well. I did my very best to not buy 100 souvenirs at the first place I stopped during my trip!

104_3464  104_3466   104_3469

Lazy Jane’s has additional seating and lots to look at upstairs!


I’m a sucker for art showing popular landmarks in Madison!


Pretty soon we heard our names being called.  The cooks at Lazy Jane’s scream names really loud so that you can hear them no matter where you are in the building – this is especially helpful if you happen to be seated, or are just wandering around, upstairs.

   104_3474 I was very eager to watch the DVD she had brought for me.  Having helped to format and construct the lay out of the script, I was excited to see how the final performance had come together.  Also, the topic of Megan’s thesis is very interesting to me, and I hadn’t seen her perform in several years!  It was a great way to celebrate our being reunited in Madison together!  I’m even more excited to have my own copy of the DVD to take home with me. 


After lunch and the finale of the DVD, we discussed Lady Gaga, shared latest music favorites with one another, celebrated a fantastic phone call Megan received while we were at Tiff’s, and prepared for our next adventure…

  104_3477   104_3481  


Stay tuned…

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  1. Megan Orcholski permalink
    July 1, 2010 10:05 pm

    As you may have guessed, I like to pretend I’m famous. You’re blog is making this incredibly easy for me considering you post fabulous pictures of me up on the internet and say unbearably nice things about me. When I win an award for being famous, you will undoubtably be thanked.

    (I am going to try to read every post you’ve written. Get ready for some outdated comments! They are in your future!)

    This one wouldn’t let me read the other comments? Why not?

    • July 3, 2010 8:44 am

      HOORAY! i love love love LOVE the outdated comments. (and really, all comments from you 🙂 )



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