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Madison Madness: SSR Part 1

May 30, 2010

If you read Then Heather Said, you know that when I have something to say, I usually say it.

and say it.

and say it some more.

I’m wordy. I’m rambly. I’m a bit ridiculous about the run-on-sentences, misplaced punctuation, and smushingwordsalltogethertomakeonelongputtogetherwordthatdoesntexistinreallife.

All that to say, you have probably come to know by now, that when I’m going to share with you my emotions, my revelations, and an honest portrayal of any healing, understanding, and knowledge I’m experiencing. 

If you’ve been around these parts long, you may have read picture less posts that take you longer to read than viewing a syndicated episode of SATC on cable television.  This is not one of those posts.

My trip to Madison has been bliss. It’s been truth. It has been madness.





1. the state of being mad; insanity.

2. senseless folly: It is sheer madness to speak as you do.

3. frenzy; rage.

4. intense excitement or enthusiasm.


Remember when I shared my Madison trip calendar three weeks ago? It’s been building ever since.
And I want to share just about every detail of my vacation with you. [and I know you are pretty darn excited to learn all about it, too – right?]  To allow you experience the MADNESS, I will not be posting recaps of each day in Madison, but instead of events, one at a time.  And although it is not my intention to raise the population of the Madison area, I must admit that I won’t be surprised if each and every one of you fall in love with this place and want to flock here.


So, let us stop discussing it an start to learn of it, eh?

Madison Madness: Super Short Recap Part 1:


Thursday, after I cried my way into landing, my gorgeous friend Veronica met me at the airport.
Veronica and I were hallmates our freshmen year of college, inseparable first semester sophomore year until she later transferred to another school, as it has been several years since we had visited one another.

It was late when I arrived, and Veronica, without asking, but with an understanding of being away from this place, and returning again took the long way to her apartment. 

She drove me down town, around the square, through the university, and pulled up to the bakery we used to sneak off to early in our college careers.  We ordered six donuts, joking with the cute, liberal, Madison boy behind the counter.  And we continued on.


Down Monroe, in the dark, past the stadium, past our dorms, past our classes, past our meetings and dates and endless nights of hilarious laughter and lengthy deep conversations of self discovery and world discovery, too.

She, and her super fun boyfriend, Alex, welcomed me into their house for less than twelve hours.
Three of those hours were spent with a delicious box of wine, a bag of fresh, soft, delicious donuts, and the sharing of stories and catching ups.
All of the hours were needed, appreciated, and fantastic.

Thank you V & A. XOXO


104_3446       104_3448

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  1. Veronica permalink
    June 7, 2010 6:59 pm

    ahh :).. Great to have you back!
    fyi…. um not the cutest picture of me… lol


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