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More Than: Rachel on Happiness

March 23, 2010

Hello, fellow THS readers! I knew I wanted to write about happiness as soon as Heather asked for a topic of interest. It’s something that is challenging and fulfilling for me and is extremely beneficial in a healthy lifestyle.

Happiness is something everyone strives for in their lifetime. Happiness brings things such as love, good health and success. Happiness is also one of the hardest things to gain. Finding true happiness is different for everyone.

For me, it was a health scare. The scare made me realize that in order to get over it, I needed to become stronger- mentally and physically. This strength came from forcing myself to be happy. If I wasn’t happy, I wasn’t motivated to do anything. I started spending more time by myself, eating better and staying in shape, really listening to what my heart was saying about different things. Slowly, I didn’t need to force myself to be happy and I began to gain this independence I never had. I realized that if I could be happy sitting in complete silence and boredom, with absolutely nothing, then I could be happy in any situation.

You’ve probably seen blog entries where the authors write a list of things that make them happy, and you’ve probably written one yourself. So if you haven’t (and even if you have) make a list of 10 things that make you happy. This is when things get difficult and views tend to vary between people, so I have a challenge for you. Once you have this list, go through each item and ask yourself, “If I didn’t have ___________, would I still be happy?”

I believe that if you are 100%, undoubtedly happy, you can live life with absolutely nothing. Yes, I have things most would say “make me happy”, but I know I would still be content if they were to all vanish the next day. Happiness is a form of confidence and faith, and without any sense of these, it can be rather difficult to get through life. If you are self-assured and truly believe anything is possible, why wouldn’t you be happy?

Of course, with this being life and all, there will be moments of difficulty. Everyone will go through the loss of a loved one, everyone will struggle with a vice, there will be days when every-single-thing goes wrong, but it is at the end of these events when you must sit yourself down and talk. You will have to tell yourself that these things happened for a reason and you must keep yourself believing that you will benefit from this. Think back to something bad that happened to you. It made you stronger, didn’t it? That is happiness. That is confidence. That is faith.

So take time to yourself one day. Go somewhere in the middle of nowhere and sit in the grass. Don’t bring anything but your mind and your heart. Take a moment and realize that everything you need is right there and will always be there.


rach To learn more about Heather’s friend, Rachel take a visit to her blog or her website [which is currently under construction.] Heather thinks Rachel is unbelievably rad, and would like to point out that she has the prettiest tattoo in the history of the world. Heather also thinks that Rachel is one of the most beautiful people she has ever had the pleasure of meeting – both on the inside and out.  Rachel takes a damn good photo & has been known to make a good list, a good mix, and a good long distance friend. 

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  1. fromatopink permalink
    March 23, 2010 4:48 pm

    LOVE this post – such true and inspiring words! Happiness is what you make it – it’s not created by what or who is around you. You’ve got what you’ve got, either be happy with it or do something! 🙂

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