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More Than: Kristin of GWTPS

March 9, 2010

Hi there! I’m Kristin a.k.a. The Girl With the Pink Sneakers. I am very honored to be writing a guest post for Heather. As a fellow Wisconsinite, she is one person in the blog world that I have really connected with. She even made the header for my blog; she’s just full of talent!

I have been reading blogs for what seems like FOREVER but my own blog is relatively new. I’ve been thinking a lot about why I started a blog and why I write about what I write about. My blog focuses mainly on food and fitness but there is so much more to me than that. Blogging about the healthy choices I make each day in regards to food and exercise keeps me on track and motivates me to keep doing what I’m doing. It’s also a great way to connect with other people who share the same passion about health and well being as I do. Choosing to blog about these things is in of itself a healthy choice. It’s and outlet, a motivator, and a form of accountability. Mostly it’s way to share with others the part of me that brings me the most joy and happiness.

I previously started a different blog thinking I would write about my work as a Youth/Campus Minister and the joys and challenges it brings. Working in ministry is something that I have felt called to do since I was in high school. I went to college and got my degree in Religious Studies but all the schooling in the world couldn’t prepare for what working in ministry is really all about. After my second year working at my current parish I was filled with self doubt and felt like I was losing myself. The hours were long, the office dynamics were dysfunctional (to say the least), and the work was hard! I wanted so badly to share my faith with the young people I ministered too, but often faced cynicism from the youth, unreasonable demands from the parents, and pressure from my boss to make things work but don’t try anything new (because we’ve ALWAYS done things a certain way).

It was good for me to write about these things but it ended up being a place where I vented (complained) a lot. I was hoping to connect with other young people working in ministry who also faced these challenges. I especially wanted to connect with young women, especially those who are married and hoping to start a family as I was. There just didn’t seems to be many blogs out there addressing the issues I was. I didn’t feel like I could connect with anyone the way wanted to. I also didn’t feel like anyone would care to read about all my whining. Writing about my “work” did not provide me with a sense of peace and joy as I thought it would.

Eventually my “old blog” turned into a place to write about the challenge of infertility that my husband and I were facing. I was shocked and amazed at how many other women out there were facing the same things and how we could support one another. Writing about infertility allowed me to connect with other bloggers facing these same trials. But this did not inspire me; it became almost a place of sorrow where I would report our failings in this area of our lives. My husband also felt uncomfortable with me posting such personal things about our life. I agreed and eventually stopped posting. Interspersed among my writing about cycles, basal body temperatures, trying to decide to take pregnancy test, were posts about all the healthy things I was doing in hopes of getting pregnant. These were the posts that were the easiest to write. I really looked forward to sharing about the delicious and healthy Green Monster I had for breakfast or the awesome run I took along the river.


It took me awhile to finally to start my REAL blog but I knew all along what I really wanted to write about. It’s what truly gives me inspiration and gets me out of bed each morning. I wanted to write about the joy and pleasure I find in being fit and eating right. I guess I always knew that their were healthy living blogs out there but never considered starting one of my own. My friends INTRW (in the real world) always tell me how inspiring and motivating my way of life is. I figured, why not share it with the world (or at least the World Wide Web)? Blogging about my healthy eating habits and passion for fitness is more than a way to be accountable. It’s about taking something I’m passionate about, finding the words to express this passion, and sharing it with the world.

You can read about my LOOOOOONG weight loss roller coaster ride on my blog. In a nutshell I was an on again off again Weight Watcher member and even a leader for 14 years! I recently ended my relationship with WW. It’s not that I think WW is bad- in fact without it I never would have started my journey to healthiness. I have just been so enthused by other healthy living blogs I wanted to forge my own way to health and well being rather than following a program.

Yes, I still face challenges in my job, yes we’re still dealing with infertility but I feel happy knowing that I can run 7 miles, teach fitness classes, train for a triathlon, and fuel my body with healthy wholesome food that will help me live a longer, healthier, happier life. It’s taken me a long time to get to a place where I consider myself a health conscious person and I’m still on that journey. Taking care of my physical well being is the one thing I can control when other areas of my life are out of control. I hope that by writing about my successes and my struggles others will be inspired to take care of themselves mind, body, and soul.

I am not an expert by any means – just your average girl with a passion that I want to share with others. Sharing what I truly love helps me to become the best version of myself. Sharing gives my life meaning and joy. I think that with all the challenges life hands us it’s good to find that one thing that gets us through and if you want to blog about it! Or at least share it with someone else! You too can be a source of inspiration to others!


To learn more about Kristin and her pink sneakers, check out her blog. You can also read Kristin’s 140-character or less thoughts by visiting her twitter page.

Kristin shares such great insight in her day to day life with posts like A Day in the Life, and her review/update posts. Kristin also blogged about her goal to complete her very own Indoor Ironman Challenge [which she completed!]. I love the friendship I have with Kristin – she is such a kindhearted, thoughtful, Wisconsin! girl – take some time to get to know her!

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  1. March 9, 2010 8:31 pm

    I totally agree. NOTHING can compare you for youth ministry. Working in youth ministry can’t even prepare you for youth ministry because each position/day/MOMENT is new and different and challenge and REWARDING in its own unique way!! I bet a lot of professions are like this, too.

    and OH MY- “we’ve ALWAYS done it a certain way” – GIRL can I relate!!! thankfully not in ALL the churches I worked with, but a few specific people did certainly like to hang on to the past. [i must admit i’ve found myself guilty of this myself in certain areas of my life unrealated to ministy….(shaking head at self)…but isnt it USUALLY like that?

    Blogging is SUCH a healthy outlet for me! And the relationships I have made through blogging are SO important to me- I LOVE this post!!


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