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February 15, 2010

6: 27 AM: This morning, I decided that I had so much to do at the office, that I probably should cut myself off from twitter, gchat, facebook and all other blackberry applications through out the day.  Even when I am on hold with vendors, or in the conference room waiting on others to arrive for a meeting (which is usually when I am updating my status or texting up a storm with a few selected individuals.) Usually, I count on the twitter updates as a way to make the day go FASTER, but today, I have no doubt in my mind that the day is going to go very quickly. [yes, I am that kind of busy.  The kind where at 4:45, you realize you never took a lunch break because it steal feels like 10:00 AM] 

Since I got to the office extra early this morning, I’ve already had a few thoughts, weighing in at 140 characters or less, that I’ve had to resist the urge to grab my beloved blackberry and tweet away.  Although it may just be my overtiredness speaking here, but the best idea in my opinion is to keep a running tab of these “almost tweets” in an open Word doc and share them with you all on my lunch break. [which would be now, when I am posting this.]  I’m hoping I come up with something witty in my struggle to stay stress free yet, awake this wonderful Monday morning. – h

6:58 AM: wondering why office felt so dark today. Been here 30 mins. Just realized light above desk is out. Ha.

7:12 AM: It hasn’t even been an hour yet, and I already want to tweet.

7:52 AM: this new Dave & Tim in Vegas CD is GOOOOOOOOD.

7:53 AM: It’s President’s Day.  I see it only fitting that I should watch The West Wing tonight. [shocker]

8:26 AM: oh em gee. Crush is looking smashing.  [shocker]

8:27 AM: and he’s not even wearing a sweater. @howsweetblog @savvyeat

8:47 AM:  how do we feel about Pomegrante and pumpkin together?

9:07 AM: Boss has agreed that we should be watching The West Wing all day long.  I knew I loved my job for good reason!

9:19 AM: Chinese food for lunch.  Possibly the best and worst decision I am going to make today. 

9:35 AM: The issue with waking up at 5AM, is I am ready for my “midmorning” snack at 9AM, and lunch at 11AM

9:38 AM: I have reached for my phone to check twitter updates at least a dozen times in the last two minutes.

9:57 AM: Should have sent self flowers today. Definitely sending self Chinese food today, instead. 😉

10:17 AM: I bet you my “fake tweets” would be a lot more exciting if I was @replying to comments other people have made. 

10:20 AM: I’ve decide that the crush is more flirty on days I look more girly.  Note taken.

10:22 AM: OH EM GEE. I want to gchat. With @savvyeat & @howsweetblog. NOW.

10:22 AM: I am stronger than the force that is procrastination and the smart phone internet combined.

10:25 AM: If life were a movie, wouldve given crush tictactoe themed valentine. With Hershey’s hugs&kisses [x’s and o’s]. if only life was a movie.

10:31 AM: I like the word ambiguous.

10:31 AM: can you tell I’m doing mindless tasks at my desk right now? sticking labels to envelopes = wandering mind.

10:32 AM: This fake tweet blog seemed like a much better idea before 7 AM.

10:32 AM: Ha. @howsweetblog just texted me because I am MIA. LOVE MY BLENDS.

10:39 AM: also like the word caucus.

11:00 AM:

12:00 PM: oh my word, I am boring.

12:30 PM: oh my word, this meeting is taking forever.

1:25 PM: FINALLY. Lunch time.



apparently, I am especially boring when I am not responding to witty things OTHER people say. 



and i have no witty way of ending this post. humph.

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  1. February 15, 2010 2:50 pm

    This is better than tweeting and gchat.

  2. abbynormally permalink
    February 15, 2010 9:51 pm

    HAhahaha this was greattt!!! I’ve been trying to keep twitter out of my days between 8:00-4:30. It’s hard. It’s a serious addiction. Together, we can make it through this…wait, how can we show our support without social media?

  3. February 15, 2010 11:40 pm

    Okay, I think you need to do one of these posts for every day you try to stay off gchat/twitter, because it is highly entertaining and I love it.

    Though we learned today that your blackberry appears to be out to thwart your attempts!

  4. February 16, 2010 7:29 am


  5. February 16, 2010 4:39 pm

    Twitter is addicting. love your minute by minute account of the day. No lie, being on twitter does make the day go by. I agree

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