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Heather’s How To Left-Over Sammie

January 1, 2010

I call this sandwich a Left-Over sandwich, but the truth is, while my family was enjoying a celebratory turkey dinner on Christmas Eve at the Manor, I was enjoying one of these sandwiches. 

While most people get excited for “after-thanksgiving day” sandwiches, I bring the bread right to the table from the beginning. It’s one of the traits about me that I’ve had forever- I prefer to put most of my traditional meat-filled meals together in between two pieces of bread. This is especially true when I’m with my family.  When my mom makes big, family style dinners, (turkey, ham, roast, meatloaf, etc.) I usually put together my favorite foods from the table onto a delicious sandwich concoction.

Here’s a quick how to of the best way to build the ‘turkey dinner left-over sammie’.  It’s delicious no matter if you make it while everyone else is eating with their forks, or wait for the next day’s lunch!

Take two pieces of your favorite bread.  I chose Rye. DSCF2071 

locate your two most “smushy” ingredients.  These ingredients will make great spreadables to go directly on the bread.  They work as a kind of “foodie glue” for your sandwich.  For my sandwich, I chose 1/2 a small sweet potato and cranberry sauce. Spread evenly.



When it comes to the other ingredients on your sammie, the break-up of each is key.  For my sammie, I used stuffing and turkey.  It is very important to break your fillings into small pieces so that you can evenly layer them out over the bread.  First, I broke the stuffing up into small, thin slices and layed them out for optimal coverage atop the sweet potato.


Next, I shredded the turkey into small snippets and used them to cover the stuffing.  I like to use white meat turkey on my sandwich mash up.


You may want to add additional ingredients to your sammie, such as cheese or vegetables.  I try to keep each of my sandwiches at a four ingredient (+ bread) maximum.  This allows that the flavors blend together well, without being too confusing for your taste buds.

When everything is added to your sandwich, press the two pieces of bread together.  I like to cut mine in half, and sometimes if I’m feeling exceptionally daring, I may even cut it into quarters! 😉



Last step: ENJOY!!!



During my stay at the Manor I created to other lovely diner sandwiches as well. The first was ham + cheesy potato bake + veggies.  The second was chili + cheese + sour cream.  So scrumptious!

What kind of combinations would you be willing to try?  One of my oddest combinations (and also one of my favorites) is meatloaf with mac’n’cheese spread on the bread!  (carb load, much?)

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  1. abbynormally permalink
    January 1, 2010 9:02 pm

    Great idea! This reminds me of the “Goblerito” from Mad Mex. It’s an entire turkey dinner in a burrito (and they only offer it in November). AH-MAZ-ING. But i haven’t had it for 2 years since I became a vegetarian. Probably the one thing I miss. Maybe next November I will ask for it without Turkey! MMMMMM!

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