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Top Ten Tuesday: What’s Next

December 22, 2009

This is a short post.
Today I was writing a long post.
It just kept getting longer and longer.
It continued on for many paragraphs and pages.
I just could not tie it all together and finish the post.
So I decided I would finish it tomorrow, from Denton, Texas.
Saved it as a draft, took a step back, and remembered that it’s Tuesday.

Top Ten Tuesday

Tomorrow morning I will wake up at 3:30 AM and prepare myself for a trip to Albany International Airport, followed by a flight to O’Hare, a two hour layover filled with an Operation Beautiful spree, and a flight to Dallas. I will be reunited with my family- Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, and an added bonus- Grandma and Grandpa! And I will be reunited with the use of a personal computer.

Now-a-days, I do most of my blogging either by blackberry or during my break at work, and I am really looking forward to spending some not rushed time in front of a home computer sharing opinions, recaps, and adventures with you all. [and photos – I have a lot of fun photos to share with you all!]

So, because it is Tuesday, I would like to share-

Top Ten Previews:
A list of upcoming posts on Then Heather Said

1. Race to Relationship – a metaphorical look at the next step for the recently un-engaged girl who may or may not have a new crush.
2. Race Recaps from Boston and Vermont – My two November race recaps complete with photos and results.
3. Bloggie Secret Santa Exchange Experience – The joys of giving and receiving, along with the experience of co-hosting along with the fabulous Danielle.
4. Operation Healthy Living Blog Definition – What classifies as “healthy living” and where do I see THS fitting in?
5. Sparktastic – details on my own experience with sparkpeople and a review and giveaway of The Spark book being released December 29th
6. Belief: Part 3 – Especially for all of you that keep emailing me about Parts 1 & 2 🙂
7. Extreme Cookie Challenge – A few of my favorite recipes from the 25 days of Cookie Baking.
8. Snap 2009 – The rollercoaster of a year in a photo review.
9. The Declaration of Independence – What I’m declaring for myself for my 2010 resolutions.
10. What’s New in 2010 – The vision I have for THS and the excited changes coming in January.

I want to know: What’s on your top ten list today? Share your top ten favorite songs of the moment, oatmeal toppings, movies of all times, blogs to read, characteristics about yourself (YOU ARE AWESOME, afterall), ways to spread holiday cheer, etc.
Can’t think of ten- give me a list of 3! Go ahead- share your list 😉

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  1. Julie @savvyeats permalink
    December 22, 2009 8:30 pm

    Ten (I mean Six) Reasons I am glad tomorrow is Wednesday:1. Finally done with this semester!2. Going to Minnesota to see family and puppy.3. Evening get-together with my high school friends4. Seeing our family Christmas tree…this is the last year my ornaments will be on it, before I move to NY and take them with me!5. It will be Christmas Eve-Eve!6. I'll finally be able to watch my favorite Christmas movies while doing some holiday baking.I could probably come up with another 4, but instead I should go study for tomorrow's final…

  2. Kati permalink
    December 23, 2009 12:11 am

    I'm waiting for more on #7. It's been hard to get away from the kitchen latley and I love experimenting!Top 10 moments of my week (including those not yet experienced):1. Making the most amazing Buche de Noel ever2.Visit with my favorite elementary school art teacher3. Visit with an inspiring friend in her new job as a middle school art teacher4. Treasuring the memories of our last Christmas in my grandma's house5. Drinking my cousin's home made apple pie drink as we all play Uno6. Presenting my Buche de Noel at my family Christmas7. Baking with mom.. lots of cookies!8. Seeing old HS friends9. Enjoying my first date since I broke up with my ex10. Being joyful about the amazing people who somehow influence my life.


  1. The Race to Relationship « Then Heather Said

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