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Follow Friday: Photo J’s.

November 13, 2009
Happy Follow Friday, my dears!

Then Heather Said, “Today is a J kind of day.”

Let’s talk photography.

If you were to ask who my favorite life-photographer is, I would give a list of five names.

If you said, “no. just pick one.” I would give you a list of five names.

If you said, “come on. Seriously. You can only have one favorite.” I would ignore you and give you a list of five names.

You would note that all five of the names I give you are female. You would note that all five start with the letter J. You would note that I am indecisive and can not pick just one favorite.

Today is the day. The J kind of day. The day you learn about two of these lovely ladies; Jenna and Jill.

Jenna is someone I would label a “world famous blogger.” She used to run a blog titled That Girl. Then she fell in love, got engaged, and started a blog called That Bride. Then she joined the ranks of the ever popular WeddingBee and became Miss/Mrs. Avocado, sharing her wedding planning and details with all who were interested [a lot of her element posts ended up in my own wedding inspiration binder back when I was planning my own almost-wedding]. After the Wedding, she was That Wife. I’ve been reading her blogs for YEARS now- and I was super excited when she started her photography business, Jenna Cole. So excited, in fact, that I became her first paying costumer.

Jenna decided to pursue photography because she wanted to “spend my days taking pictures of people that helped them to see how beautiful they are.”

i went through the last few months and chose a few of my favorites as proof to you that she her photography speaks truth to this statement:

and of course, one from our play date together, as well:

(above 6 photos from JennaCole)

And then there was Jill. Jill is a Michigan photographer whose work I love more and more with each new blog post. Seriously. Without fail, every time she posts, I am in awe. I think it’s best said in her own words, taken from her website; “in all my work, I want to create images that tell your story, display your personality, and celebrate the beauty of being alive.”

Mission accomplished, Jill.

I tried to pick just a few favorites- and I just couldn’t stop. There were WAY TOO MANY.

[ummm. Rob Bell and a Ring-Ninja. Need I say more?]

[previous 8 photos from Jill Devries]

I have a few Jenna Cole shots up in my apartment, but not nearly enough. And I’ve yet to hang a Jill Devries. I think one of my 2010 goals will be to add some shots to my walls by each of them [photos that i’m not in- maybe some detail shots they’ve each taken? i can picture a nice little collection on my kitchen wall of a few shots by my favorite photographers. something similiar to this] They both have such a great way of capturing light!! Don’t you agree?

Please go take some time to browse through the sites of Jenna Cole and Jill Devries – and leave them a message to remind them of how FABULOUS they both are!

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