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You Had Me at “The Bow”

November 12, 2009

I’m a self proclaimed “thrifty girl” and I can only remember one time I paid more than $15 for a pair of shoes, but I may have to splurge for the kate spade satin gift bow flats.

I’m serious here- I just took a look at all the shoes in my apartment- I splurged on my running shoes, and ended up getting the originally $122 on a 30% off already reduced clearance price plus an additional $10 off coupon for a smashing $34.

I once found a pair of flats I liked so much at wal-mart for $9 and ended up buying four pairs.

My yellow flats from my jenna cole photoshoot were marked down to $6, and I have four pairs of brown flats I bought from Journeys after they were marked down to $5 a pair. My knock-off Uggs were $12 and my standard black pumps were clearenced out to $10. My other four pairs of shoes I’ve received as gifts from sweet people in my life.

I can’t decide if it’s cool or sad that I’ve paid so little for my shoes.

And I can’t decide if it’s cool or sad that I can remember how much I’ve paid for each member of my shoe collection.

But I just found the pair of shoes that are going to change everything.

Today I sat, flipping through the December Elle, with my girl Sarah Jessica Parker* on the cover, and I came across a gift giving guide on page 201. I saw a necklace that made me squeal out loud– so, in true fashion, The Heather Said (to herself) “twitpic this!” And it was done. Kate Spade. Triple Strand. Gold Gift Bow Detailed Necklace. The kind of necklace I love love love, but I’m not sure why.

A few page flip & browses later and I land on page 216 where I find my breath fleeting and my heart stopping. Kate Spade Satin Gift Bow Detailed Slipper Flats. In a selection of colors. For $95. I’m pretty sure that the cost of all of my current flats put together total less than $95.hmmmmmmm.

BUT- and this is where I really start to love my neurotic list making habits- on my 101 in 1001 list, which I wrote over 11 months ago, I seemed to have written, “purchase self a GOOD pair of shoes”. And I think that shoes that cost $95 may just qualify as good.

NOW- if I had a computer at my home, you would be lucky enough to see these dream satin gift bow detailed slipper flats- but alas, I am blogging via blackberry and you will have to either trust me, open up a google browser, or wait until 7:45 AM tomorrow morning when I can get to a computer to post these beauties as soon as literally possible.

Until then, I’m going to dream up a few fundraisers to make myself some extra cash in order that I can follow through with this beautiful shoe scheme without having a spending induced panic attack- all creative suggestions will be greatly appreciated. 😉

EDIT: without any further delay, the necklace [and check out that matching ring above. a boy could propose to me with that cute little ring. ok. just kidding. Then Heather Said, “been there. done that. have the old ring sitting in a box to prove it ;)” (too soon to joke about that?)
I’m not having much luck finding the shoes, yet. And I forgot my copy of Elle at home- so on my lunch break I plan on running by the apartment, picking it up and getting you guys & girls a snap shot of the beauties. Seriously. You are going to squeal. I know it.

*seriously- I’m not joking around with Sarah Jessica Parker. She’s my favorite celebrity. And while SATC sealed the deal, I loved her early on, from the moment I saw Girls Just Want to Have Fun. (And Don’t even get me started on The Family Stone- it’s fabulous) I’ve thrown parties to celebrate her birthday at my apartment three years (however, I was kind of an “any reason for a theme party” kind of girl) and I once told my friend Trav I wouldn’t be friends with him anymore if he didn’t stop making rude comments about SJP. And if you are feeling daring, google the video for the interview Isaac Mizrahi had with her- delightful! (It may be available on – where they once said MY FULL NAME during a video segment. It was my 15 minutes 🙂 ) anyway- end of spiel.
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  1. Jessica permalink
    November 13, 2009 9:01 am

    Thanks for stoppin' by my blog! Your's is great!

  2. Ashley Nichole permalink
    November 14, 2009 1:23 am

    Hi Heather! I'm a new follower. I just have to say- I love your blog!

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