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Eleven Twelve

November 4, 2009

Then Heather Said, “ELEVEN!”

You may remember a Top Ten Tuesday post a week or so ago, when I mentioned my carving my hand, along with this pumpkin.

The good news?
My hand is healing quite nicely! [although my dreams of being a hand model are flying out the window, as it seems I will have a nice scar for a while.]
The GREAT news?
I crossed off the 11th item on my 1001 in 101 list: Carve a Pumpkin.

When I carved my hand open, I did go into a sort of panic.
I managed to puncture the fleshy part of my left hand inbetween my thumb and pointer finger. It wouldn’t stop bleeding, and I didn’t know what to do.

Okay- that’s not entirely true- I did know to put pressure on it, and try to stop the bleeding. I had a bit of a hem & haw situation on my hand as I tried to decide if I should go to the doctor or just the pharmacy. [my little apartment, while adorable, was lacking any real first aide supplies, other than two remaining bandaids my friend Megan had sent me in my “your heart may be broken but your life rocks” kit. Of course, I had no idea WHERE these bandaids were, i just knew that I put them “somewhere.” classic.]

I paced my apartment for a while, keeping pressure on the wound, every so often letting out a cry to, well, no one, “it won’t stop bleeding!”

Finally, the bleeding at least SLOWED DOWN enough for me to see the actual wound. It seemed deep, but it also seemed ridiculous for me to go to the Emergency Room. I thought about finding an Urgent Care Center, but working my blackberry was a bit difficult while trying to balance it on my leg, type with my pinky, and keep pressure on my wound.

Then I remembered that Laura had visited a CVS Minute Clinic not very long ago. I wasn’t sure if all CVS’s had minute clinics, but I decided that since the CVS Pharmacy was only a 2 minute walk from my apartment, that it was a much better solution than panicing in my apartment.

When I got to CVS, there was a LONG LINE at the pharmacy counter. So I spent sometime in the first aid aisle, looking at bandages. And I started to panic a bit.
[just in case you haven’t figured it out quite yet, apparently, i am a baby.]
Was it necessary to have 56 different kinds of bandages? Really? I was overwhelmed trying to make a decision on what to get, so I moved on to “something to clean my wound”.

“Which one stings? Alcohol? Hydrogine Proxide? Both?” Moving on.

Triple Antibotic Lotion- ten different tubes of various sizes all with extra adjectives. Pain Relieving. Quick Healing. Clear Gel. WHATEVER.

By this time, the tears had returned a bit. and i was telling myself what I had been avoiding in order to seem more like the responsible adult I should be (although, I suppose a responsible adult a)wouldn’t have cut themselves and b)would have first aid stuff at their home). Anyway, I mumbled to myself, through tears, of course; “I WANT MY MOM!” And it was true. I wished I was in Denton, TX carving my hand open, because at least then my mom would be there to make it all better, make a decision for me in the bandage aisle, and even tell me I’m being ridiculous and to get a grip already! (yeah, right, like I was going to tell MYSELF that!)

After an elderly woman who had been having conversations with an invisable friend asked me if I was okay, I finally headed to the pharmacy counter.

I was handed over to the “consultant lady” who helped me find $23 worth of first aid products and assured me I didn’t need to get stiches, and also, my hand was not going to fall off. She also didn’t seem very impressed that my 3 sizes too big Cape Cod Sweat Shirt was covered in pumpkin guts, but whatever.

Like I said, my hand is looking A-okay now. Crisis averted. 😉

Then Heather Said, “TWELVE!”

After my 5K on Saturday, I stopped at Target to pick up some treats for the soon-to-be costume-clad Trick-or-Treaters I was anticipating at my apartment.
Jolly Ranchers. Check.
Mini-Tootsie Pops. Check.
Mega-Super-Blow Pops. Check.
Hersheys Bars. Check.
Spider Rings and Halloween Themed stickers. Check and Check.

As I was departing from the candy aisle, I passed the rows and rows of chewing gum and a little, pink, lightbulb appeared over my head.

DING![Apparently with sound affects.]

WATERMELON BUBBLICIOUS – into the cart you go.
Actually, Target didn’t have a package of Watermelon Bubblicious on it’s own, so I had to buy the variety pack- which was fine by me, because I was able to deposit 3 various packs of gum into my Halloween Bucket.

Fast forward to Saturday Night, after the trick-or-treaters had run home to dry off from the rain showers and start their sugar-buzzes in high gear, I watched some TV and opened up my first piece of the watermelon wonders that bring me back to my childhood:

I sat in my recliner and blew bubbles for approximently 90 minutes before realizing that the flavor had left this gum 89 minutes prior.

And then I went to bed.

Am I the only one that is this big of a wuss when it comes to injuries? When was the last time you hurt yourself? [don’t worry- mine wasn’t the cut. Yesterday I walked into a Nike box at work, and now I have a pretty bruise on my arm. sweet. ;)]

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  1. Kristin permalink
    November 4, 2009 12:44 pm

    I can see your photos now! I read your blog through the regular old internet

  2. Kait permalink
    November 4, 2009 9:36 pm

    I more like to brag. Along the lines of "See this? Didn't shed ONE tear, oh yeah!"It have a hunch it annoys Mr Bea endlessly.

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