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Top Ten Tuesday

September 29, 2009

In rereading my last few posts, I’ve started to feel a bit like the annoying friend who won’t stop talking about her new relationship. Only in this case I’ve been talking about my new lack-of-relationship.  Now, don’t get me wrong: the entire reason for starting “Then I Said” was to offer a genuine & honest look into the process of everything that happens post-broken engagement.

But while I was hanging out with a few local pals LAST Tuesday evening, I caught myself mentioning my former fiancé more times than I would like to admit to right here on the blog.  Little sarcastic (and slightly bitter) comments about the situation, sharing stories he happened to be in, and discussing my making it 2 months without talking to him (my friends’ responses? “make it four!” and “take a shot! Cheers!”)  And then I noticed the blog has had a similar tone lately- and while I do want to chronicle the healing-being strong-getting my life in order-being-better-than-ever-journey here, the journey is not ALL about the broken engagement and the healing broken heart. It’s about a WHOLE BUNCH of other stuff, too.

I know this shocks you all, after my admittance to being a list-lover, but back in the day (circa 2004) I would make a top ten list every day.  It was a simple way to update my readers, friends, family, and youth students (at the time, via myspace) of what was going on in my life.

Little tidbits of trivia, quick reviews of products I had recently purchased, shout outs to other writers, music/movie suggestions, and the like; my top ten lists were a plethora of information.  And I think it’s time to bring them back.

Then I said, “It’s time for Top Ten Tuesday!”

1. I’m now officially running 2 5K’s this fall (so far), each in a different state. Meaning that after November 8th, I will be 48 states away from the big goal [running a race in all 50 states.] An engineer in my office is currently applying for his PE licenses in various states.  I told him we should race to see who gets all 50 states first.  He agreed, but not after pointing out that he is able to apply from his desk for all 50 states and I actually have to travel to each of them.  This did not stop me.  Another co-worker made us special competitive USA maps for us to color each state in when we complete it.  Of course, his current map has 3 states colored in and I have none. I better get racing.

2. In just 2.5 weeks, my Best Friend, Danielle, will be here to visit.  I am v. excited to have her come over to visit and I’m only slightly anxious about figuring things out to do and keep her entertained.  Don’t get me wrong- I know we would both be find just hanging out doing “nothing” all weekend- but I want to make sure she enjoys this vacation and something tells me running everyday and writing blogs is not on the list of things she would enjoy.  I’m just saying.  I do see gelato in our future though 🙂 Hopefully there is some sort of fun fall type free activity going on in the capital district that weekend.

3. This also means, in pure Heather form, I have a ton of stuff to “accomplish” before she gets here.  As in, find something for her to sit on while she visits.  Since I now live on my own, the apartment originally chosen for the “marriage apartment” is now the “bachelorette pad” and I may have only made it so far as putting together a bedroom, kitchen, and office/craft room.  That’s right. My living room is empty.  Ok, that’s not entirely true.  My living room has my weights, a TV & player for Jillian Michael’s DVDs, and lots of space for stretching, yoga, and at home strength training. Operation: Find something comfortable to sit on, has now begun.

4. This past weekend, I helped my boss with her last Estate Sale at her fathers’ home. After the last 3 months of helping her go through the house, sheds, garage and basement, she has paid me in MORE than enough wonderful goodies to take home to my once empty apartment.

I now have a very cool small table & chair for me to use as a writing desk, two end tables, a tall pantry type storage cabinet (which I will be refinishing/painting), and on Thursday I will be getting a recliner. (something for Danielle to sit on?!) I’ve also returned home with many, MANY boxes of very cool kitchen stuff, garden stuff & general house stuff.  Tonight I hope to unpack the last few boxes and fill my apartment with kitschy goodness 🙂

5. I’ve noticed that I’ve been smiling at cute guys a lot lately.  While I’m out shopping, or on runs, or just running errands of one sort or another.  And I think it’s boosting my confidence. It’s easy.  See attractive gentleman.  Make eye contact. Smile. Receive smile or nod in return (and sometimes a “Hello”). Carry on.  Why didn’t anyone ever tell me about this?

6. Fall is my favorite season for a WIDE variety of reasons.  But one thing I have learned I’m not happy with: sunrise at 6:45 and sunset at 6:45 means I have VERY little time to run in daylight.  And I know with winter around the corner, I will be faced with even less sunlight.   I think I may need to start looking for a gym in the area to join.  Anyone have any reviews of Planet Fitness?

7. I’ve been watching TV shows on DVD the past few weeks.  I am currently on last season’s One Tree Hill (season 6).  And I must tell you- I’m loving it. I especially love scenes when all the girls all together. They have this sarcastic/loving/fun relationship going with all of them now and it makes me my heart all warm and fuzzy. Also makes me miss my girlfriends.

8. I’ve decided to put away the scale for a bit and focus more on my fitness goals and less on my losing weight goals. I still plan on continuing my healthy eating habits and striving for reaching a healthy BMI- but there are other things I think are more important for me to focus on. Like running 3.1 miles non-stop, for instance.

9. Every time I think about this I get super excited: It looks like I will be spending Thanksgiving in the Twin Cities with Danielle, her husband Eric, and her brother, Brett. Brett and I actually graduated in the same class in high school and he is another one of my close friends so I am PUMPED to get to see them both, plus Eric, and be thankful.  Added Bonus: Ike Reilly concert.  Can. Not. Wait.

10.  I have one bumper sticker on my car. “love wins.” Do you have bumper stickers?

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  1. Daring to Dream it permalink
    September 29, 2009 11:59 am

    I miss you as SP. Glad I was able to subscribe finally to your blogs.

  2. Danielle Lyn permalink
    September 29, 2009 1:15 pm

    I loved your daily top 10 lists. So fun, like today's! Don't worry about having a place for me to sit. I'm sure we can figure something out. I'm thinking I have lots to accomplish before I visit too. My goal is to be moved upstairs before I leave. I don't know anything about Planet Fitness, but I have been pretty happy with Anytime Fitness (not sure if you have one nearby). It's not too expensive, and you can go anywhere in the country (not that I've actually taken advantage of that, but I've thought about it when I go back to WI).

  3. LLB permalink
    September 29, 2009 1:23 pm

    This is wonderful! You sound like a much happier and healthier Heather in this post! Please keep it up!

  4. michelle.y.palmer permalink
    September 29, 2009 4:49 pm

    I love this! And yes, I do have a bumper sticker. It's the Starfleet emblem from Star Trek.


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